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Cai, Jessie [1], Lyles, James [1], Quave, Cassandra [2].

Chemical characterization of tinder fungus Fomes fomentarius.

Humans have employed mushrooms for nutritional, medicinal, psychoactive, and other uses for as long as 5,000 years. In fact, the tinder polypore, Fomes fomentarius, was found on the oldest recorded natural human mummy, Ötzi the Ice Man, dated 3,000 BCE. A bracket fungus best known for its use as tinder, F. fomentarius has also been used historically for a wide variety of traditional medicinal remedies. Greek physician Hippocrates prescribed it for cauterization during 5th Century BCE. Uses of European medicine for F. fomentarius include treating gastrointestinal disorders and bronchial asthma; of traditional Chinese medicine, for oral ulcers and various cancers; and of Indian medicine, for high blood pressure and constipation. Modern studies have verified anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory properties. Previous research has identified various phenolic acids and flavonoid compounds as responsible for aforementioned bioactivity. These compounds include fomentariol, gallic acid, mallic acid, salicylic acid, and protocatechuic acid. However, variety in chemical results by differing publications compel us to characterize an authenticated specimen using fruiting bodies of F. fomentarius collected in Sicily in 2015. The fungus was ground and extracted by sonication in MeOH. This MeOH filtrate was then evaporated and freeze-dried to yield a powdered red-brown extract. Flash chromatography was used to refine the crude extract. Then, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and HPLC-MS was used to investigate the relative abundance of identifiable compounds. In this research, we seek to characterize these chemical constituents of Fomes fomentarius to clarify the compounds present for future research investigation.

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1 - Emory University, Center for the Study of Human Health, Atlanta, GA, 30322, USA
2 - Emory University School of Medicine, Dermatology, 615 Michael St., Whitehead 105L, Atlanta, GA, 30322, USA

Fomes fomentarius

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