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McCune, Letitia [1].

Methods of IPR protection: Examples of agreements and permitting requirements.

The SEB ethics committee has been putting together information for an ethics toolkit of resources to help our members. This presentation will focus on methods related to agreements that protect the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the Indigenous Peoples that we work with in regard to their seeds and plant use. Given that rules change over time with international treaties as well as permitting requirements unique to individual countries, members can be a vital resource to each other in giving examples of wording of agreements and/or experiences with permitting in different countries. Examples will be given of wording used to protect IPR upon prior informed consent, research agreements, seed/plant collection, herbarium deposit, seed bank deposit and seed transfer. Common dilemmas will be discussed that have been described in the permitting process as well as the monitoring of agreements via Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) clearing houses.

1 - BotanyDoc LLC

seed rights.

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