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Monday Symposium

Smith, Ada [1].

Ethnographic Media from Appalachia.

Started in 1969 as a federal War on Poverty job training program for youth/young adults in film and video, Appalshop morphed into a ways and means for connecting media and other arts with the region’s cultural traditions and expressions in order to tell the Appalachian story through the voices and experiences of its people. Deeply rooted in its place, Appalshop has since created the largest single body of media and artwork from and about Appalachia. This work represents a populist call and response between the region’s past, present, and future, as it celebrates its Appalachian heritage while confronting its most challenging issues, including a poisonous history of negative stereotypes. In addition to its regional work, Appalshop artists, producers, and managers have collaborated with more than a thousand communities across the United States (and in more than a half-dozen countries internationally) wishing to develop their own cultural assets. Its collections of documentary films, plays, spoken word and music recordings, books, and photography illuminate people and their cultures as the most valuable asset to advance development, wealth, and freedom. During this symposium, we will watch and hear Appalshop media while learning more about its involvement in the region's future.

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1 - Appalshop, Inc., 91 Madison Ave., Whitesburg, KY, 41858, USA


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