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Sinasson S., K. Gisele [1], Shackleton, M. Charlie [2], Assogbadjo, E. Achille [1], Sinsin, A. Brice [1].

Local knowledge on the uses, habitat and abundance of multipurpose Mimusops species in Benin (West Africa).

Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) are exploited by local people for food, medicines, energy, construction, etc. and this way play important role in most aspects of rural wellbeing. Multipurpose NTFP species typically experience higher harvest demand because of their multiple uses, which, when combined with unsustainable land use practices may threaten population viability. We assessed local knowledge on the uses, habitat and population status of Mimusops andongensis and Mimusops kummel, both multipurpose NTFP species in Benin (West Africa), to promote their valorization and conservation and thus sustain local knowledge on their uses. One hundred households were randomly selected for structured interviews for M. andongensis and 500 for M. Kummel. The relationship between age, sex and ethnic groups and the species uses was assessed using comparison and correspondence analyses. Nearly all organs of the species were used. Both species were mainly exploited for medicinal purposes but also in construction and as firewood. We found similarities in the use of the species organs. Most informants reported that populations of M. andongensis were decreasing, although some felt that they were increasing, whereas less than one-third said that M. kummel was decreasing. There were strong relationships between gender age and ethnic affiliation of the users and the exploited organs of both species. Potential uses exist based on both the past and current uses of the species and in comparison to other countries where they are exploited. However, further research on the species seeds germination and propagation ability are necessary for their valorization and conservation.

1 - Laboratoire d'Ecologie Appliquee, Universite d'Abomey-Calavi, Abomey-Calavi, Atlantique, 00229, Benin
2 - Department of Environmental Sciences, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, 6140, South Africa

medicinal plants
Mimusops andongensis
Mimusops kummel.

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