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Johnson, Karen [1], Price, Laura [1].

Conservation implications of decreasing misidentification among the genus Actaea. .

State imperiled mountain bugbane (Actaea podocarpa DC, Ranunculaceae) is threatened by ecological and anthropogenic pressures such as species misidentification, resulting in unintentional harvesting. By developing comparative outreach material for herb diggers, lay botanists, and the general public that differentiates A. podocarpa from similar-looking related species such as A. rubifolia, A. pachypoda, and A. racemosa, the anthropogenic pressures on A. podocarpa will be decreased. Outreach material using simple observation techniques with both textual and online resources will ensure positive access and usability. With a decreased knowledge gap of species in the genus Actaea, there is further protection and benefit for both the subordinate taxa as well as the herb-identifiers.

1 - Frostburg State University, Biology (Ethnobotany), 101 Braddock Rd., Frostburg, MD, 21532, USA

mountain bugbane
black cohosh
herb digger
unintentional harvest.

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