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Amuka, Omari [1].

Wild Edible Plants in the Giriama People of Coastal Kenya.

Plants are an evolutionary pillar to th existence of humans and animals; particulatly as provision of food.our study focused on how the Giriama people of Coastal Kenya utilise wild plants to meet their friuts and vegetable needsd from the indigenous local sources. The people are somehow conservative and are attached to their cultural heritage. Purposesivesampling and non-destructive photographic methods were use to gather information from six villages around Bamba in Kilifi County. The photograph shots were were compared against voucher specimens the had earlier on been sampled and deposited at the natiol Museums for authentication. A total 29 wild vegetables, 37 fruits and their uses were documented. the incresed use of these plants bybthe local people food haave made the plants more or lessof domestic than wild, though not much attempts of conservation have been made. It emerged that the plants are/were being used elsewhere, routinely and traditionally,for the same purposes or/and source of traditional medicine. We concluded that the traditional uses of these plants could, possibly, be the source reasonably high levels of immunity by the indigenous local people to some common endemic diseases in the area.

1 - Maseno University, Applied Plant Sciences, PO Box 333,Maseno, Kenya, Private Bag, Maseno, Kenya, Kisumu, Kisumu County, 40105

medicinal plants.

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