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36Lessons Learned from Ranking Medicinal PlantsPapersCastle, Lisa.education
medicinal plants
39Local knowledge on the uses, habitat and abundance of multipurpose Mimusops species in Benin (West Africa)Poster SessionSinasson S., K. Gisele; Shackleton, M. Charlie; Assogbadjo, E. Achille; Sinsin, A. Brice.NTFPs
medicinal plants
Mimusops andongensis
Mimusops kummel
35Local Observations of Rainfall ChangesPapersSavo, Valentina; Bailey, Joseph; Kohfeld, Karen; Sillmann, Jana; Lepofsky, Dana.Climate Change
Subsistence-oriented communities
Global analysis
91Love Medicine: Plants, Animals, and AffectionPapersBlack Elk, Linda.ethnobotany
Traditional healers
56Lucy Braun's Plants and PlacesMonday SymposiumBrosi, Sunshine L..Pine Mountain
Lucy Braun
46Luteolin and its effect on V-ATPase activity in C.elegansPoster SessionDexter, Kenneth; Babos, Marybeth; Henderson, Melissa.Luteolin