Abstract Submission - Before You Begin

Welcome to the Society for Economic Botany 2016 Abstract Submission Process.

Your abstract can only be accepted if you are a current member of one of the Society for Economic Botany.

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If you are not a member you MUST have a paid registration to the conference by April 1 for your abstract to be included. There will be no reimbursement for no-shows in this category. Abstracts submitted by non members who do not have a fully paid registration by April 1 will be rejected.

The abstract submission deadline is Friday, April 1st, 2016 at 11:59 PM PST. After that date and time, you will need special permission to submit abstracts.

Abstracts are limited to 300 words.

Before you begin your submission, please read the following important information.

  • Before you start, be sure that you have the name and spelling for each of your co-authors, plus email addresses, University or Institution name, department, and address (or the address to be used).
  • Have the correct title of your abstract. Do NOT use all CAPS in composing your abstract.
  • If you are idle for over 15 minutes you will be prompted to "keep your session alive"; if you do not respond, you will be logged out and your data lost.
  • Please carefully review your information on each page. Most mistakes are the result of haste or inadequate proofreading. Going back more than one page in your work may cause site errors.

    Please note: The person submitting the abstract will be able to make corrections/changes to the abstract after submission.
  • On completion, your abstract and your submission details will automatically be emailed to all the attributed authors, including yourself. This is the only confirmation you will receive.

Abstract Composition

  • You can paste your abstract in directly from Word or iWork; however, all formatting except bold, italics, underline and sub/super script will be removed.
  • If you need help entering special HTML characters, such as Greek characters, symbols, and so forth, click here.
  • If you plan on using these, you should keep the pop-up window active for when you need it.

Internet/Browser Tips

  • You must have cookies enabled in your browser to submit abstracts. What does this mean?
  • Be patient with Internet traffic and the server.
  • We support all recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox/Mozilla, Safari and Chrome. Internet Explorer 8 and earlier are not supported.

Ending Page
The person who submits an abstract has the ability to change it after it has been submitted. To do so, go to the Society for Economic Botany 2016 Electronic Abstract Site Overview page located at: http://2016.sebconference.org/engine/search/. You will see a Login button at the bottom of the menu on the left. Login, and then find the specific page for abstract you would like to alter. On the abstract page, under the heading Abstract Detail you will see an "Edit" link. Use this to gain access to your abstract for alterations.


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